The Norwegian Spiritualist Union

We are here to help people that needs the help form spiritual people and the world of spirit.

NSF were established January 4th 2007. The church was founded on the initiative of Andrè Kirsebom. The main office is in Oslo, with office branches in Bergen, Stavanger and Sarpsborg. We also work closely with Mediumskap i Drammen. All our offices have regular spiritual member nights.

NSF is a union where all people, which are interested in Spiritualism can join. We have Demonstrations of mediumship and healing, we have lectures on some evenings, we offer help to establish circles and we have a lot of courses throughout Norway.

The courses we have can be seen on the page Kurs. Some few are in English when we have English teachers coming to Norway.
We certify mediums and approve healers in our healing association.

We have our own healers association which help healers, in training, educating and approving healers. The name of this association is Norsk Spiritualist Forenings Healerforbund. We also offer marketing and insurance at a low price.

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Our philosophy is based on the 7 Principles of Spiritualism. which is stated underneath.

1. The Fatherhood of God.
By the study of Nature, by personal experience and from the wisdom given to us from those in the spirit-world we recognise that there is a creative force in the universe. This force created the whole universe and life itself in its many forms. This 'Creative Force' manifests in all things and as we are part of the Life created by God, we acknowledge God as our Father.

2. The Brotherhood of Man.
We are all part of the universal creative force, one large human family in God. Spiritualists try to understand the needs of others and aim to help all people materially, emotionally, and spiritually.

3. The Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels.
Spiritualism aims to prove that there is life after death and encourages the development of mediums who are able to communicate with the many loved relatives and friends in the spirit world. There are people in the spirit world who are dedicated to the welfare and service of mankind, some bring inspiration and guidance whilst others help with healing.

4. The Continuous Existence of the human soul.
Spirit is part of the 'Creative Force' and indestructible. After death the spirit continues in a different dimension, that we call the 'spirit world'. In the spirit world we have a spirit body which, until we progress far enough, is a replica of our earthly body. We have the same personality and characteristics and we change and grow, as we would on earth, by experience and as result of our own efforts.

5. Personal Responsibility.
Responsibility for wrongful thoughts and actions, in every aspect of life, lies with the individual. No other person or influence can put right our wrong doings. No one can interfere with our spiritual development unless we allow this.

6. Compensation and Retribution hereafter for all the good and evil deeds done on earth.
Spiritualists believe that this sixth Principle is a natural law and has been expressed by others as, 'as you sow, so shall you reap'. If someone is cruel and vindictive towards others then in some way retribution will follow, if someone gives love and kindness then compensation follows. This law operates now, on earth as well as in the spirit world.

7. Eternal Progress open to every human soul.
All who want to walk the path that leads to perfection are able to progress in mental and spiritual understanding. By doing our best in earth life and by following our inward intuitions we shall find progress comes on earth and in spirit.

In our work we are inspired by the spiritualist churches in England and the work of the SNU, which is the largest Spiritualistic organisation in the UK. For more info look at:

We work together with the Norwegian Spiritualists Church.

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